The Story Behind HTML5 Sortable

Recently I published a jQuery plugin named HTML5 Sortable and despit its small size, it was one of the most challenging and interesting works that I did recently.

But you might be wondering why I needed another sortable plugin in the first place?

In a recent project I was working on, I needed to create a sortable menu and I was going to use jQuery UI. But when I saw it adds 34KB of JavaScript to the project only to create a sortable list, I decided to write it myself. And now that almost all recent browsers support HTML5 drag and drop, why not to use it? Even better, IE supports this feature since version 5.5. Actually HTML5 DnD API standardized based on IE's implementation.

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New Year, New Website!

After around 4 years of not updating my website, finally I've got some free time in our Nowruz holidays to make myself a gift, a new website!

I love static site generators, static sites are fast, there is no need to deal with administration panels, no need to databases, no risk of being hacked, and no bullshit. There are plenty of them out there, but I couldn't pick any. I'm a minimalist and I wanted something as simple as possible for my own needs. So I decided to write my own from scratch, using node.js of course.

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