About me


I'm Ali, a web developer from Mashhad, Iran.

I mostly use PHP and JavaScript as my primary languages for back-end and front-end developments respectively. I've also started using JavaScript for back-end development using Node.js since late 2010. I have experiences in python and unix shell scripting too.

I'm passionate about Open Source because I learned a lot from Open Source projects and because It's a great means to bring great people together to do something great.

Almost all of the quality software out there are Open Source, not just because everyone contributes to improve them, even if you are the only contributer to an Open Source project, you're more likely to produce better code. You know your code is going to be read by others, so you write more readable code. And you know people will judge you by your code, so you do your best to write better code.

Open Source was a great source of inspiration for me. I would've never had the chance to have access to these vast resources, knowledge, and expriences of all of those rockstar developers without Open Source. So I try to contribute and pay back as much as I can. My notable contributions are those of CakePHP, Lithium, and Node.js.

Follow me on github if you would like to follow my Open Source works and my contributions to Open Source projects.

And last but not least, I'm not a native English speaker, but I try to improve my English skills. So please let me know if you found any mistakes.

Ali Farhadi