SmartOptimizer is an out of the box PHP utility to improve your website performance using techniques such as minification and gzip compression.

How does it work?

It optimizes your website performance by minifying and compressing scripts and styles of your website. In order to do that, all of the requests to css and javascript files in your website need to be redirected and processed by SmartOptimizer. The included .htaccess file will do that for you if you're using an Apache web server.

SmartOptimizer stores compressed and minified files in a cache folder. So it doesn't need to repeat the process for further requests.

Where should I use it?

If your website has a lot of scripts and styles, and YSlow or Page Speed shows a low grade for it, then using SmartOptimizer might be useful to improve its performance.

Where should I avoid it?

Well, actually SmartOptimizer improves the front-end of your website not the back-end. In the back-end SmartOptimizer slightly increases cpu and memory usages. So it might cause problems for your server if you have a popular website with lots of visitors.


First of all your website must be hosted on an Apache web server with enabled rewrite module, otherwise it won't work out of the box for you.

What is next?

Actually it's an old project of mine and I'm not satisfied with the quality of the code and its architecture. So I'm not willing to continue developing this project, but also this is the most popular project in my github account and I'm not going to abandon it. So I'm planning a whole rewrite of the project from scratch as soon as I can.